2. Feltrissimo.

  3. Bibliographical curiosities at Hoepli bookstore, Milan. 2

    "Buttons. In Art and History. By Pietro Coccoluto Ferrigni, Yorick Son of Yorick.

  4. At Public…

    Gentlemen: bring your raincoat when you get there. 

  5. Milan: old-school tailor’s shop. 

  6. Dining out before heading off.

  7. The guest lecture.

  8. Federico Ceschi a Santacroce and Domenico Bombino of N.H. Sartoria, Milan.

  9. The Research Awards ceremony.

  10. The great Classics debate.

  11. Shades of blue.

  12. The open day.

  13. The Birmingham meeting.

  14. The graduation ceremony - sans academic robe. 

    Carmine Sensaro, Gianpaolo, Drake’s x P.J., AD56.

  15. Royal cufflinks.

    Prince Charles or the art of wearing bling graciously.